A Typical day at camp with Mud City Adventures

A Typical, Not So Typical, Day at Mud City Adventures Day Camp

There is no such thing as a typical day at Mud City Adventures, because we do something different every day! We’ve done our best to outline the most frequently asked questions below.

We really only have one rule: No phones or electronic devices. All adventurers are safe with us and there’s no reason for anyone to be connected or plugged in while we are non-stop, busy experiencing and having fun exploring the great outdoors.

Q: Where do I drop off & pick up my adventurer(s)? What time? How long do you wait for stragglers? Should I call if I’m running late? 

A: Drop off is between 8:30 am and 9:00 am at Mud City Base Camp, 77 Park Street in Stowe Village. Click here for directions. Please call or text us at 802-730-4113 if you’re going to be running really late (past 9:15 am). We aim to depart by 9:30 at the latest, but we need our adventurers to have enough time to be prepared and “adventure ready” for the day. If you are cutting it close, please be sure your adventurer has a coating of sunscreen and a full water bottle. Pick up is between 4:30 am and 4:45 pm at Mud City Base Camp, 77 Park Street in Stowe Village.

Q: What is the usual camper:counselor ratio?

A: Approximately 5:1 for older kids, 3:1 for younger kids

Q: What sort of things might my adventurer learn at Mud City Adventures?

A: General outdoor education, how to stay safe in the wilderness, proper fire building and extinguishing, “leave no trace” practices, how to safely negotiate and evaluate rugged terrain, biking skills, hiking skills, canoeing skills. Each counselor brings their own unique set of skills/strengths to share with campers.

Q: Does Mud City provide lunch and snacks? 

A: As Covid-19 precaution, like summer 2020, we are not preparing/serving lunch for day camp as usual for summer 2021.  Campers should bring their own lunches and snacks.  We will supplement what the kids bring with snacks that require no prep, such as whole fresh fruit and granola bars.  And, yes, we will continue to do ice cream on bike day!!  Usually….. We provide lunch, snacks and water, every day.  Our menu generally consists of: local mini whole wheat bagels with an assortment of fixings: our own homemade or Teddy peanut butter, honey, Cabot cream cheese, fruit jam, etc…. made to order, fruits such as watermelon, oranges, Cold Hollow Cider Mill apples, other available fruits, sliced Cabot cheddar cheese, crackers, celery, carrots, red peppers, pretzels, tortilla chips and salsa, granola bars, Cabot yogurt, Mud City trail mix, Annie’s Mac & Cheese, quesadillas, pizza, pancakes, Mansfield Dairy chocolate milk, ice cream, s’mores, all beef hot dogs, and whatever else we can convince our adventurers to eat.  We also keep our adventurers hydrated by having periodic “chug-a-lugs” and filling their water bottles throughout the day.

Q: If my child is only doing the Thursday Overnight Camping Adventure, what time should I drop them off? Should they have eaten dinner already?

A: Overnight Adventurers should get to Mud City Base Camp by 5:00 pm on Thursday, with all of their overnight gear.  We aim to depart for our camping destination by 5:15/5:30 pm.  We provide dinner and breakfast at the campsite.

Q: If my child is staying for the Thursday Overnight Camping Adventure, what time do I pick them up in the morning on Friday? Can they stay for Friday’s day camp adventure? Will they have had breakfast and get lunch on Friday ?

A: We usually arrive back at Mud City Base Camp, after our camping adventure, between 8:30 am and 9:00 am on Friday morning.  Adventurers will have already eaten in the morning, after breaking down camp.  You can pick up your child around 9:00 am.  Most campers attend day camp on Friday after the overnight and will be provided with lunch and snacks for the day.  If this is the case you need not show up until the usual 4:30 to 4:45 pm.

Q: What is a day at Mud City like? What are some of the activities?

A: When adventurers arrive at Mud City Base Camp, there will be a place to drop their day pack, so they can be hands free for a morning session of playing outside or a camp craft. We make thoughtful and sincere efforts to introduce each and every camper to their fellow adventurers and camp counselors.  As the day’s adventurers are all engaged, the Mud City staff gets prepared by packing up gear, supplies, and food for the day.  Meanwhile, natural friendships are forming organically and the adventurers get to know each other. This allows everyone to feel more comfortable and buddy up for the upcoming adventure.  Depending on the weather, energy levels and who has already done what, we may head out for a hike with a view, a paddle to a rope swing, tubing down the river and building a fire, or biking on the recreation path while stopping for swims and rock skipping at some of our favorite spots.  We also love meeting up and doing fun activities with the all-knowing naturalist from Stowe Land Trust to explore the amazing properties they have acquired and invited us to.  We occasionally enjoy helping them out with some sign making, building or painting projects too.

Q: What do you do on rainy or super cold yucky days?

A: We try to keep it real and spend as much time in the outdoors as is reasonable and fun.  That said, campers should be prepared with warm fleece layers, a hat, and raincoat if it’s a wet forecast.  There are a number of pavilions or other indoor facilities at the state and town parks we visit, which can be used for meals, games, and crafts during a downpour.  On those warmer rainy days we love to break out the 100 foot slip-n-slide, and a yucky day is a great excuse to visit some of the secret caves we’ve found over the years.  Occasionally we will go ice skating at the Stowe or Waterbury indoor arenas or head up to Jay Peak for the indoor waterpark, climbing gym, and ice arena.  No extra charge!!

Q: How do you get from place to place?

A:  On most days we travel in the Mud City vans.  We are militant about seat belt use, and a counselor is usually positioned in the rear of the van among the campers.  On gear intensive days, we have two canoe trailers that are used for hauling boats, river tubes, bikes, coolers, firewood, etc.  The vans usually have Wednesdays off when we depart directly from basecamp on our bikes.

Q:  What does my adventurer need to bring to camp?

A:  Preparation is key.  When your registration is received you will receive a what-to-bring list.  Please use the list as a guide when packing your adventurer for camp.  Better yet, let them be a part of the process so they know what they have in their pack.  The single most important item is a pair of comfortable shoes that will stay on your adventurer’s feet while swimming (river sandals, old sneakers, NOT flip flops).  We swim almost every day and, unless it is at a maintained beach, footwear is required.

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