Mud City Adventures offers a multi-day camp for kids to explore their own back yards - Vermont! We take the kids on 3 days of paddling, hiking, and biking adventures, exploring the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

The NorthEast Kingdom(NEK) Adventure

July 24th – 26th, 2023

Bike, Hike, and Paddle… Explore some of Vermont’s coolest adventure spots – Mud City Style! We’ll depart from Stowe on Monday morning and head to the NorthEast Kingdom of Vermont where participants will create their very own masterpiece adventure with our guidance and gear. Ingredients include mountains, lakes, swimming holes, bike trails, camp fires, and handmade hammocks. We’ll spend two nights and three days living life in VT to the fullest.

After three days in the sticks we’ll return home to base camp in Stowe with some tired but happy campers. Activities do tend to vary from trip to trip depending on weather and location, but rest assured your kids are getting the complete Vermont outdoor adventure experience.

The menu typically includes fruits, oatmeal, and egg sandwiches for the morning, and PB& J’s, watermelon, corn on the cob, snap peas, quesadillas, turkey dogs, hot dogs, burgers, peppers, and more for lunch and dinner. Menus do vary for every adventure, but we keep it healthy and hearty so the kids have plenty of energy and none of that junk food (other than campfire s’mores, but no camping experience is complete without s’mores). Let us know if your child has any allergies or diet restrictions and we can accommodate them no problem.

3 days/2 nights: $450


At Mud City Adventures we encourage our kids to have fun while pushing their limits within reason. Our challenge by choice environment fosters a healthy learning environment for children.
We encourage healthy lifestyle activities like hiking at Mud City Adventures. We don't take them up super-steep routes, or super-dangerous routes, but we definitely challenge kids to experience what they thought was previously unattainable.
Check out these campers hanging out in the canoe in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.
Our campers have fun no matter what. Here are some of our campers after a medium hike in the kingdom of Vermont, soaking in the views.
Bomb's away! We know the best and safest rope swing spots in all of Vermont. Our campers wear life jackets whenever they are in the water.
If it's high and there's a deep pool of water beneath it, you can count on the Mud City Gang to have some fun. Don't worry parents, we know all of the jumping spots to seek out, and which ones to avoid with children.
Here's one happy camper coming out of a sweet turn in the MTB / BMX pump track, where we give kids beginner mountain bike lessons before heading into the woods.
Our van is well-equipped to handle the most rugged back country Vermont conditions. Watch as she plows through Vermont mud season like it's nothin'!
It's a bird, it's a plane! No, it's just a Mud City Adventurer having the time of his life while leaping off of a small cliff into some deep water.
Kowabunga dude! Here's a camper launching off of one of our favorite rope swing spots deep in the country of Vermont. We have a few spots we like to jump from on our canoe adventures during our Vermont Adventure, join us!
The BMX pump track is very useful for teaching basic mountain bike skills like centering one's weight, weight displacement, railing berms, and linking turns.