Survival & Primitive Living Skills

with Jessie Krebs of SERE Training School and Mud City Adventures

Not scheduled for 2021 thus far

Ages 11-16
Families (ages 5+)
Adults (17+)
Custom/Private Group

Ages 11-16

Survival Skills Adventure Camp I (5 days plus 1 overnight)

Monday, July 13th – Friday, July 17th


Includes 5 days of adventuring by water, by bike, and by foot as well as an Overnight on Wednesday with Survival & Primitive Living Skills incorporated all along the way.  Adventurers will be introduced to the 5 Basic Needs of survival and get in-depth training and hands on experience to help them out of any situation.  They will learn about shelter building, knots, firecraft, map & compass and natural navigation, finding safe food and water, animal encounters, evasion and camouflage techniques, designing a survival kit, choosing and maintaining the ultimate survival tool- your knife.  Other bushcraft activities will include making pine needle baskets, dream catchers, and survival bracelets & lanyards.



Survival Skills Adventure Camp II (2 days)

Monday, July 20th – Tuesday, July 21st


Includes 2 days of paddling and trekking with Survival & Primitive Living Skills incorporated all along the way.  We will make rafts and paddles with what materials we can find, learn fire building techniques, get creative with knots (rope swing?), explore signaling for rescue, and much more.



Survival Skills Adventure Camp III (2 days plus 1 overnight)

Wednesday, July 22nd – Thursday, July 23rd


Includes 2 days of paddling and trekking as well as an Overnight with Survival & Primitive Living Skills incorporated all along the way.  Adventures will learn about backcounty shelter creation, gain skills in fire building and use the coal burning technique to make our own spoons and bowls, and get handy at using an ax and knife safely.   We’ll try fishing and foraging, learn and apply the edibility tests, and sneak through the forest playing camouflage and evasion games.




Family Survival Skills Full Day Canoeing Adventure

Sunday, July 19th 9am-4pm

$200/person age 15 to adult, $150/child age 5-14

This will be a fun family-oriented day on the water and in the woods.  Adventurers young and not-as-young will have a blast while learning the basics of wilderness survival.  We’ll all become pros at making a fire like lunch depends on it and a shelter to keep you as dry as that tent you left in the driveway.  Jessie is always excited to share her knowledge and will cover survival skills you never knew you needed.  No paddling experience necessary.  Please call to register 802-730-4113.


Twilight Fireside Survival Skills


I Tuesday, July 14th  Essentials of Survival

This evening will introduce the 5 Basic Needs of a Survivor:  Signaling, Personal Protection, Health, Travel Techniques, Sustenance.  Learn how to prioritize your needs and get out of a situation-gone-bad quickly and safely.  Please call to register 802-730-4113.

II Friday, July 17th  Firecraft

Come dive into the world of fire!  Beyond the usually welcome heat, fire is an incredible resource for signaling for rescue, making tools, discouraging insects, providing light, cooking, purifying water, giving emotional support, and more.  We’ll explore how to find the right materials and get a fire going like your life depends on it.  Please call to register 802-730-4113.

III Saturday, July 18th  Knots for Survival

Jessie is a self-confessed knot nerd. You’ll learn about many different Knots, Hitches, and Lashings, incorporating hands-on practical applications in scenarios like shelter-building, lashing up poles between trees, making tripods, and emergency ascension or rappel.  Please call to register 802-730-4113.

IV Tuesday, July 21st  Navigation & Scouting

Learn the skills to move efficiently off trail through various types of terrain with a compass and map.  And when you are in a situation without those valuable tools, the sun, stars, wind, and even insects can help you find your way.  Please call to register 802-730-4113.

V Friday, July 24th  Backcountry First Aid and Rescue

Discuss common injuries and illnesses and how to treat them with what you may have or can find, carrying techniques (getting your child out safely), hypothermia & dehydration, signaling, and assisting Search & Rescue in finding you.  Please call to register 802-730-4113.

Adult Survival Skills & Canoeing Adventure

Saturday, July 18th 9am-4pm


This single-day training covers the CORE Survival Training Essentials relating to the five basic needs of a survivor.  Students will receive hands-on training covering how to decide whether to stay put or hike out; choosing and maintaining the ultimate survival tool- your knife; Signaling- the unsung and most important survival skill; Travel basics; Water; Essential Knots; Shelter basics; Fire principles; Food rationing; and Survival Kit preparation.  Please call to register 802-730-4113.


Custom Adventure or Clinic 
Friday, July 24th 8:30-12:00  or  1:00-4:30

$350 for first 2 people + $125 each additional person, max 12 total

Is your group interested in learning evasion and camouflage techniques, backcountry shelter construction, wilderness cooking, or an intro to the survival basics?  Jessie has a ton of knowledge to share and is excited to customize this camp to your group’s curiosity.  Please call to register 802-730-4113.